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    Fort Benning, GA - Chaplain

    Fort Benning Chapels:


    The area code is 706. Phone numbers listed as 545 can be reached through DSN prefix 835. Phone numbers listed as 544 can be reached through DSN prefix 784

    Regimental Chapel (Sand Hill) 544-9269/9017
    Basic Combat Training Brigade

    Soldiers Chapel (Sand Hill) 544-9764/9601
    Infantry training Brigade

    Kelley Hill Chapel 544-3070/1692
    3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
    11th Regiment Airborne Chapel 545-3677
    11th Regiment

    Sightseeing Road Chapel 545-2169/6787 36th Eng Group/13th CSB

    The Infantry Center Chapel 545-2050 Main Post

    Follow Me Chapel 545-7059/0938 Main Post

    Martin Army Community Hospital Chapel 544-1382/2511 Hospital

    Reception Battalion Chaplain (30th AG) 544-9432/9902 ITB/BCTB

    Catholic Religious Activities

    Mass Schedule
    Follow Me Chapel (545-7059):Sunday 0900

    Monday thru Friday (Duty Days) 1200

    Saturday 1630

    The Infantry Center Chapel [Spanish] (545-2050):

    Sunday 1230

    Regimental Chapel [Sand Hill] (544-9017):

    Sunday 1030-1130 (for Soldiers in Training)

    Soldier's Chapel [Sand Hill] (544-9458):

    Sunday 1330-1430 (for Soldiers in Training)

    Martin Army Community Hospital Chapel (544-2511):

    Sunday 1700

    Catholic Chaplain's Office (545-7568 or 677-3825)

    Saturday 1530-1630 Follow Me Chapel

    Sunday 1300-1330 Soldiers Chapel (for Soldiers in Training)

    Sunday 1000-1030 Regimental Chapel (for Soldiers in Training)

    Catholic Women Of the Chapel (CWOC)
    2nd Tuesday of each month at 1800 in Follow Me Chapel

    Phone 685-9841 for more information

    Parish Council Meeting
    Every 2nd Tuesday at 1800 in the Follow Me Chapel

    Protestant Religious Activities

    General Protestant Worship Services
    The Infantry Center Chapel (545-2050):
    Sunday 0900
    Sunday 1100

    11th Regiment Airborne Chapel (545-8098):
    Sunday 0900

    Sightseeing Road Chapel {Gospel} (545-2169):
    Sunday 1100

    Martin Army Community Hospital Chapel (544-2511):
    Wednesday 1200

    CrossRoads Contemporary Service [Follow Me chapel] (545-7059):
    Sunday 1100

    Sand Hill

    Regimental Chapel (544-9017):
    Sunday 0830
    Sunday 0945

    Soldier's Chapel (544-8892):
    Sunday 0830
    Sunday 1100


    Regimental Chapel [Sand Hill] (544-8892):
    Sunday 0800-0915

    Torah Study
    Regimental Chapel [Sand Hill] (544-8892):
    Sunday 0915-1000

    Salat-ul Ju'mah Service
    Soldier's Chapel [Sand Hill] (544-8892):
    Friday 1330-1400

    Islamic Studies
    2-58th Infantry, Company F Classroom, Bldg. L3958 [Sand Hill]:
    Sunday 0800-1000