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    Fort Benning, GA - In Processing

    In-processing at Fort Benning is held at the Soldier Services Building 35 (Ridgway Hall). Upon arrival, military personnel should report to receive a tailored checklist for in-processing based on each soldier's response. The in-processing procedure can take several days as there are 12 mandatory agencies to check in with. Those agencies include: Dentac, Medpros, Tricare, Occupational Health, Pinnacle On-Post Housing, Off-Post Housing, Finance, Traffic Safety, Army Community Service Newcomers Orientation and Financial Readiness Training. During the first day of in-processing, soldiers will attend a 4 hour session that involves briefings from all applicable agencies. Overall, it takes an average of 5-7 days to complete in-processing. Once completed, soldiers will be issued a billeting assignment, a temporary meal pass and bedding.