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    Fort Benning, GA Museums

    The Columbus Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and presenting American art, from early to modern era, and collecting and preserving the history of the Columbus area. The museum is free to tour. There are also a number of adult, children's, and community events and educational programs.

    The National Civil War Naval Museum is located in Columbus, which was once a Confederate river port, and the station of the ironclad CSS Jackson. There are exhibits on most of the Civil War's naval history, including models of the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia, and the museum hosts events throughout the year.

    The National Infantry Museum is a major Army museum, focused on the Queen of Battle, the US Army Infantry. Exhibits include items from every era of US history; there are several halls recognizing different achievements, including the Ranger Hall of Honor; the Hall of Valor, honoring recipients of the Medal of Honor; the OCS Hall of Honor, and a variety of memorials, including one for three-time CIB infantry. Admission is free.

    The Columbus State University Space Science Center is focused on space science and exploration, with an omnidome theater for educational films and laser shows; the Mead Observatory, with observation nights; and the Challenger Center, a spaceflight simulator for child learning.